Linkin Park 2025 Reunion Tour with Three Classic Members

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Music, SarahMichelleGellar – Billboard reported that sources with Linkin Park said the band was considering a tour for 2025, which would include a female vocalist and three of its classic members.

Linkin Park are still looking for the new vocalist who will succeed Chester Bennington.

In relation to this rumored reunion, The Music Magazine also noted that the booking agency of WME was “taking offers” in regards to a headlining tour, and festival dates, “featuring Mike Shinoda, Brad Delson, and Dave Farrell.” The publication suggests that Rob Bourdon and Joe Hahn are not involved.

Nothing in Billboard‘s report speculates what this means regarding what would then be the band’s needs for a drummer and sampler/turntableist/synth player.

Linkin Park plans leaked to Orgy singer Jay Gordon

At the end March, orgy singer Jay Gordon revealed details of Linkin Park ‘s upcoming plans . Gordon suggested the band might regroup with a new female vocalist.

Gordon’s response to being asked what his best Chester Bennington memories were was more about the future than the past.

“Very cool guys, and a very good band. It’s been a while and the band is still going. The future will be difficult without Chester Bennington, but let’s wait and see. It sounds like they have a female singer. Gordon told the camera, during an exclusive interview released as video: “That’s my understanding.”

Gordon replied, “Don’t cite me about that.” When asked if Linkin Park would be returning, he said: The singer I don’t think is going to come from Linkin Park, but I have heard that it will be a woman. It’s possible they will just move forward like this. It should be very interesting.

After the news spread, Gordon made a statement to try and reassign responsibility for his remarks. The media accurately reported his comments, but he claimed that they were “out-of-context.”

Although he did so on video, the singer claimed that he never brought up this topic. Although he repeated his claim that Linkin park was planning to use a woman as a singer, the singer said that he “knows nothing about that”. Falsely stating, “It’s odd that the dude (interviewer Mike Z) said it to me and not vice versa.”

Gordon was once again asked about his memories with Bennington. In response, Gordon chose to speak exclusively on Linkin Park’s future. The interviewer then continued to question him about the story, since asking questions after breaking news is a common practice.

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